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In teaching, the activities of our team focus on the Teacher training program "Geography and Economic Education", and selected lectures / courses on human-geographic topics as general part of the BA program.

The main focus is on social and economic geography, methodology, basic concepts and the "philosophy" of geography. Furthermore, advanced courses in the master's degree in Human geography are offered: seminars and courses concerning Human Geography, regional development and regional planning, feminist geography, protected areas policies and Geography of food. The main focus is on "Regional Development", which the working group is mainly responsible for.

We would like to especially highlight our excursion activities: In addition to domestic field trips in Austria (for example: Lesachtal, Großes Walsertal, Eisenwurzen and Neusiedler See Region), excursions to foreign countries are organized as well. E.g. Italy, Poland, Slovakia, Norway, Central Asia, Caucasus Region. The excursions have an interdisciplinary character and are also organized with partner universities (for example: University of Oldenburg, University Cluj, Università degli Studi di Trieste).


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