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Social geography

The object matter of social geography is often characterised by two problematic issues. The first main question is: How do social conditions affect the spatial structure of the material world? The second problem can be formulated in a simplified manner: What is the spatial structure of social phenomena and processes?

Social systems always comprise physical-material components, including human bodies. therefore they always have a spatial structure and make use of the spatiality of the material world. In abstract form, the central question of social geography lies in its concern with the problem of the connection between meaning and matter.

Currently, at least seven lines of development can be identified in social geography. They significantly differ from each other and also compete with one another. Depending on the disciplinary focus - spatial-structure research, perceptual geography, activity based approaches, feminist geography (including its post-structuralist variants), and new cultural geography are employed in the research activities of our working group. In teaching, these different approaches are equally considered.

Line of development of Social Geography

Peter Weichhart
Entwicklungslinien der Sozialgeographie

Von Hans Bobek bis Benno Werlen

Sozialgeographie kompakt
Band 1

1. Auflage 2008.
439 S., 84 s/w Abb. Doppelband, Kartoniert

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