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Regional development

Our working group is based at the Vienna Geography Department and focuses on regional development in research and teaching. The members of the group have been involved in studying and facilitating development projects for many years (Basic research and commissioned applied research with a focus on regional development). Special emphasis is laid on: Gender sensitive data in regional development, protected areas and area management, large areas of protection (National Parks, Biosphere Reserves and Conservation areas), as these are important instruments of sustainable development and infrastructure development. This applied focus is paired with an awareness of theoretical-conceptual considerations and questions of methodology.

In keeping with our practical experience of regional development, we are situated at the interface between international research networks, partners at numerous non-university institutions, the private sector and the government. 

We understand regional development as a constant process that is influenced by various factors. Global framework conditions on macro levels, e.g. EU-Enlargements, are just as responsible as new forms of communicative action on micro levels of regional development, in which a wide spectrum of research methods can be used.

Theoretical reflection and empirical observations go hand in hand, They are the hallmarks of applied geography – as expressed in research-,….. projects. Typical contracting entities include the public and private sector. Client is the public sector as well as the business sector.


Regional identity - medium of regional development


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